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As a small business owner or start-up company, you need to focus your time on more important things than your payroll processing. At Trivantus, we can combine your human resource needs, time and labor management, and payroll processing together. As we are one of the best payroll companies for small businesses, we understand the importance of integrated solutions that are easy to work with and adapt to your everyday processes. With Core Payroll, you have complete access to the Trivantus customer support team to alleviate your daily payroll and HR headaches. It’s time you start running your business! Leave your payroll processing to Trivantus.


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Address: 20 Market Street
Manchester, NH 03101
Mailing Address: PO Box 6655
Manchester, NH 03108-6655
Fax: 603-647-9911


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about us

Founded in 2003, Trivantus is a leader in payroll services, employee benefits and human resource administration. Our philosophy is based on employing relationships through excellent communication. We believe in true customer service and stand behind this commitment. Owned by the Gatsas family, Trivantus is no stranger to success. Michael Gatsas co-founded Staffing Network, a Professional Employer Organization which grew to be one of the largest employers in New England.